WWE Hall Of Famer From First Ever Raw To Appear On 30th Anniversary Show

First Ever WWE Raw

A WWE Hall of Famer who appeared on the inaugural edition of Monday Night Raw will be present for the show’s 30th anniversary according to a new report.

On the 11th of January 1993, the wrestling world changed forever when WWE debuted Raw – uncut, uncooked, uncensored – from the Manhattan Center in New York City. On that first edition, there happened to be some stars that would go on to become icons in the company and some that very much wouldn’t.

The Steiner Brothers, Yokozuna, and Koko B.Ware were all in action on the show as was The Undertaker who headlined the very first Raw with Damien DeMento and Shawn Michaels who competed in the inaugural title match on the show as he defended his Intercontinental Championship against Max Moon.

Now PWInsider has reported that Shawn Michaels will be a part of the 30th anniversary edition of Raw on the 23rd of January. Michaels’ involvement may not be a surprise to some given that he is the man in charge of NXT currently.

Ric Flair has also indicated that he has been invited to the show and seemed to suggest that Hulk Hogan may also be present for the celebration. Flair recently noted that he hopes that Vince McMahon returns to WWE television for the special edition of the company’s flagship show.