Sting Reveals Truth About WWE Dream Match With The Undertaker

Sting WWE

AEW star Sting has commented on his desire to step foot in a WWE ring against The Undertaker and why he thinks it was never meant to be.

Sting made his career in Jim Crockett Promotions as part of the NWA, before it morphed into WCW in the late eighties. The surfer became The Crow over the years as his legacy grew and grew but one thing remained constant – he was never part of WWE.

Even after WCW closed its doors in 2001, The Stinger took on a role with TNA and spent a decade with the company before finally joining Vince McMahon’s company in 2014 in what turned out to be an ill-fated decision.

Speaking to D Magazine, Sting noted he had one ambition when joining WWE, a match for the ages with WWE’s own icon, The Undertaker:

“Let’s have one, big, gigantic reuniting of The Beatles. One time, and that’s it.”

The six-time WCW Champion noted that when he contacted McMahon about joining WWE and his plan for a match with The Undertaker, he was told The Deadman’s opponent was set for WrestleMania 31 – an opponent that turned out to be Bray Wyatt, and instead, Sting could compete at the event against Triple H in one last WWE vs. WCW themed bout.

While the current AEW star thought he could force a match with The Undertaker somewhere down the line, he lamented:

“It was never going to happen. Never.”

And Sting vs. The Undertaker remains the one that got away in both men’s careers. The WWE Hall of Famer was forced to retire from the ring after suffering a scary injury during a bout with Seth Rollins in September 2015 but over seven years later, The Icon is going strong again as part of the AEW roster.