WWE Hall Of Famer Predicts AEW Collison Ratings Will Plummet

aew collision saturday stage

Eric Bischoff believes that the ratings for AEW Collision could sink even further.

Following a run of strong viewership, the Saturday night show suffered its first major blow on August 5th, drawing an average audience of under 500,000 viewers after going head-to-head with SummerSlam.

Despite many feeling that this would be a one-off, the ratings barely improved one week later for the show that made headlines for everything that happened off-camera as opposed to what was seen onscreen.

While there is an opportunity to bounce back in the coming weeks, the greatest yearly threat to wrestling ratings starts again imminently, American Football.

Statistically, Monday Night Football causes Raw to lose viewers throughout the NFL Season, with fans returning after the Super Bowl in time for the WrestleMania build. On Saturdays, College Football is frequently the most-watched programme.

Bischoff stated that AEW should be worried about their newest show when the College Football season starts once again on the 83 Weeks podcast. The Hall of Famer backed up his point by describing the effect that the NFL Pre-Season had on AEW programming:

“They went from 750,000 viewers two weeks ago, or whatever it was, down to a little over 400,000 … because of pre-season football that nobody really gives two sh*ts about. If ‘Collision’ is that susceptible to pre-season football, they’re gonna get killed by college [football]. College Football is becoming more and more popular … they’re gonna get crushed.”

The first round of the 2023 College Football season kicks off on August 26th, being broadcast at the same time as Collision.

Former WWE Raw General Manager Eric Bischoff Does Not Want To Help AEW Fix Their Ratings

Having lived through the biggest ratings war in wrestling history, Bischoff has no interest in trying to fix some of the issues faced by All Elite Wrestling. In a previous interview, Bischoff would explain why he would not come on board even if he was offered a 7 figure salary.

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