Eric Bischoff Recalls “Awkwardness” Of Kissing Linda McMahon

Eric Bischoff

Eric Bischoff has given behind-the-scenes details regarding the segment where he kissed Linda McMahon.

Building up to his match against Shane McMahon at SummerSlam 2003, the former Raw General Manager made it personal on the go-home show.

With Shane in the arena hyping up the crowd ahead of the encounter, Linda joined the broadcast via satellite later on. With the doorbell frantically ringing in the background, the person creating all of the noise was revealed to be Bischoff. The segment would close with Eric Bischoff kissing Linda McMahon, much to the horror of her son.

Speaking on the 83 Weeks podcast, the WWE Hall of Famer went into great detail regarding the events leading up to the segment and the kiss itself. Bischoff revealed how he found out about the segment from Bruce Prichard:

“I’m pretty sure it was Bruce (Prichard) is the one that, and I think he told me over the phone because I had to fly to Connecticut to do it. Obviously, it was in Vince and Linda’s home. It wasn’t a fake office. It was Linda’s office in their home. I remember when Bruce told me, he didn’t give me the details, but he said, ‘We need you to come to Stamford. We’re going to shoot a scene with you. It’s going to be at Vince’s house.’ That’s all I knew going into the scene.

Vince is running around. He had these two big dogs, I think two of them, maybe one, but it was huge dogs, and Vince was cooking eggs in his kitchen and I showed up and it was surreal. It wasn’t until I got there that I found out exactly what I was going to be doing, and I thought, ‘Oh, well, this is different, but let’s give it a shot.’ It was awkward, for sure.”

Bischoff continued, noting that Linda’s husband and his boss Vince McMahon was present for the filming. Continuing to describe the events, the former WWE General Manager stated that the kiss could not look romantic in any way:

“We walked through, you know me grabbing her and holding her. Vince wanted it to look very forceful. He didn’t want it to appear like it was a purely romantic scene. He wanted me to force myself on Linda because the reason for the scene was to piss off Shane and to take Shane’s hatred of me to another level. What better way than to sexually accost his mother? That would get anybody hot. People can relate to that, I guess. But, again, once we blocked everything out and took Vince’s notes, he wanted to make sure I put her arm behind your back and forced her, that was it. We blocked it. We shot it. I went home.”

Later in the episode, Bischoff revealed that the kiss was done in one take.

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