Shane McMahon Has “Best Street Fights In History Of Wrestling” Says WWE Hall Of Famer

Shane McMahon Vince McMahon

Shane McMahon has never met a tall structure that he didn’t want to jump off of but one of his former rivals thinks McMahon’s brawls are among the best ever in wrestling.

McMahon’s history of wild antics dates back to SummerSlam 2000 when Steve Blackman sent him flying off the side of the Titan Tron to the floor below but that was only a sign of things to come. A wild leap, a coast-to-coast, or an elbow from the top rope through an opponent and the announce table have all become trademarks of Shane McMahon matches. But one WWE Hall of Famer thinks there’s more to it than that.

Speaking on The Kurt Angle Show, the Olympic champion reflected on two of his most famous matches, King of the Ring in 2001 against Shane McMahon and WrestleMania 19 against Brock Lesnar. While the Lesnar match seemed less obviously violent, The Beast Incarnate did end up with a broken neck following his infamous shooting star press attempt.

Angle added that he believes Shane McMahon can lay claim to having the best Street Fights in wrestling history:

“They are complete opposites. One match was more of a technical type of match and the other match was a Street Fight. They were both special in their own way. Shane McMahon, I remember having that match, we got so banged up, we both ended up in the hospital.

“Brock and I, we got banged up there too. I wrestled with a broken neck when I wrestled Brock and he almost broke his neck. So we both, we all ended up in the hospital after these matches.

“So yeah, that’s the only similarity but from a technical standpoint, the Brock Lesnar match is one of my favorites, and from a Street Fight standpoint, obviously Shane McMahon. He has the best Street Fights in the history of wrestling. He really does.”

Kurt Angle and Shane McMahon’s famous bout saw Angle launch McMahon repeatedly into a plate glass window under the stage until it finally broke.