WWE Hall Of Famer Praises Rey Mysterio As “The Template” For Smaller Pro Wrestlers

rey mysterio wwe mask 619

Road Dogg believes that all shorter wrestlers should take influence from Rey Mysterio.

Despite being only 5 ft 6, the legendary luchador accomplished more in wrestling than anyone would have initially expected. Mysterio is a grand slam champion, Royal Rumble winner and was recognised for his contributions by being the headline inductee in the 2023 Hall of Fame class.

A constant babyface throughout his WWE career, many of Mysterio’s matches saw the master of the 619 use his speed and agility to overcome foes much larger than himself, much to the delight of the fans in attendance.

Road Dogg Brian James discussed the concept of the mismatch of sizes being used in wrestling on the Oh… You Didn’t Know podcast. James was surprised that it took so long to use the basic concept in wrestling:

“Rey Rey is on another level. He made the world, and I don’t know why it was problematic to big with, David and Goliath is literally the oldest story in the book and I don’t know why it took so long or such a special individual to break every glass ceiling about being a little guy and working in this industry, you know what I mean?” James said. “You literally see Rey and go, ‘that’s the template. That’s the template to be a smaller, I guess I’ll say WWE Superstar, but luchador, performer, pro wrestler, whatever you want to say, he’s the template.'”

Is Rey Mysterio Still Wrestling In WWE Today?

Despite having his debut match back in 1989, Mysterio shows no signs of slowing down almost 35 years later. Currently reigning as United States Champion on SmackDown, Mysterio still competes regularly and is arguably more popular than ever. Wrestling definitely runs in the family for the Myserios, as Rey’s son Dominik is also a WWE Superstar and is the reigning North American Champion. The father and son were once partners before Dominik betrayed his father in September 2022, leading to a match between the two Mysterios at WrestleMania.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.