Rey Mysterio Heading To NXT

Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio looks to even the odds on August 8th.

The WWE Hall of Famer will be making a rare appearance on NXT, once again dissatisfied with the actions of his son, North American Champion Dominik Mysterio.

The August 1st episode of the Tuesday night show mainly focused on the fallout from The Great American Bash, which happened the weekend prior. At the Premium Live Event, Mysterio would successfully defend the title against Mustafa Ali and Wes Lee in a Triple Threat match. Rhea Ripley, who accompanied “Dirty” Dom to ringside, was pivotal in ensuring that the championship remained in the hands of the ex-con.

As Dom and Mami gloated about the victory on the fallout edition of NXT, they were confronted by Dragon Lee, who was offended by Dominik proclaiming himself to be the greatest luchador of all time. Lee corrected the North American Champion, stating that the greatest luchador of all time is in fact Rey Mysterio.

Lee then challenged Dominik Mysterio to a title match for the following week, which was accepted. Ripley then reminded Lee that she would be accompanying the champion to ringside on August 8th. Lee welcomed Ripley coming to ringside, as he has backup of his own. The big screen then played a video that featured Rey Mysterio addressing his son.

The former WWE Champion declared that he would also be in attendance for the North American Championship match, much to the delight of the live fans. Mysterio then called Dragon Lee the future of Lucha Libre, and can’t wait for his son to lose the title. Mysterio has high hopes for Dragon Lee, previously telling the fellow luchador that he will be a big star in the future.

Will Rey Mysterio Be At SummerSlam 2023?

The legendary luchador has not been announced for WWE SummerSlam. The Hall of Famer was last seen competing against fellow LWO member Santos Escobar on the July 28th episode of SmackDown. Due to an injury suffered by Mysterio, the contest had to be stopped. If Mysterio is cleared to compete on August 5th, there is a possibility he could be an entrant in the SummerSlam Battle Royale.

Rey Mysterio was not the only main roster surprise to appear on NXT, as Santos Escobar teamed with an old rival on the show.