Rey Mysterio Update Following SmackDown Injury

Rey Mysterio standing in the ring

More light has been shed on the injury suffered by Rey Mysterio on SmackDown.

There was a scary moment on SmackDown in New Orleans when Rey Mysterio took on his LWO teammate Santos Escobar with a shot at Austin Theory’s US Title on the line.

Escobar hit the WWE Hall of Famer with a dive to the outside causing Mysterio to land hard in the aisleway on the back of his head. The ringside doctor checked on Mysterio and the match was stopped with Escobar being named the winner.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that he’s been told Mysterio is now fine but also pointed out that the former WWE Champion also seemed to suffer another knock before the spot on the outside:

“So I watched the match back, and here is everything that happened. So there was a cross body by Santos Escobar a couple of minutes before the finish. And after he does it, you can see that he is stunned. The referee goes to him, and Santos kind of backs off in the middle of the match. You know, he is just not quite there.

“So that is the first spot, but he ended up you know, whatever it was, after laying there for a little while and everyone backing off, he regained his bearings and was pretty much fine after that. Then the tope spot where he hit his head was the second injury, it was not a work from the first injury.

“I guess the original injury was the cross body, the tope was the second one. But the tope, when there was two of them already, you really should stop the match, and he didn’t get up so quick from the second one. They were working on him during the commercial break, and he is fine now from what I understand.

“Fine is a relative term, I mean he got his bell rung twice. I don’t know if he has a concussion, I don’t know if he is taking time off. I haven’t been told anything apart from that he’s fine. That’s essentially what happened there.”

When did Rey Mysterio last hold gold in WWE?

Rey Mysterio won’t be taking on Austin Theory for the US Championship following his SmackDown loss and the legendary competitor has not held a title in WWE since 2021.

That championship reign came when he held the SmackDown Tag Team Championship with his son Dominik Mysterio – as unlikely as that seems now. His last singles reign as champion came when he held the US Title in 2019.

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