Rey Mysterio Health Update Following SmackDown Match Stoppage

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There is an update on Rey Mysterio’s health following an injury that forced a match stoppage on WWE SmackDown.

This past Friday on the July 28th edition of Smackdown, LWO members Rey Mysterio and Santos Escobar faced off in a singles match to earn a shot at the US Title. Both men earned their spot in the match after winning four-way matches over the previous two weeks.

Everything was going fine in the match when, after a second commercial break, Rey Mysterio was getting checked on by WWE’s Dr. Chris Amann. It was not a storyline stoppage. There was concern for Mysterio after hitting his head during the match with fears of a possible concussion.

On the broadcast, they replayed Escobar doing a suicide dive onto Rey on the floor with the back of Rey’s head/neck hitting the floor. It’s a common spot in pro wrestling, but sometimes a landing can cause an injury on any kind of move. Rey and Escobar hugged after the match to show they are still a cohesive unit.

The win was awarded to Escobar, who was booked to win the match. It was the result that WWE had originally booked although WWE obviously had a different finish in mind.

How Is Rey Mysterio Feeling Now?

The Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer provided an update on how Rey was doing during a Saturday edition of Wrestling Observer Radio.

“So, he’s fine. He had the match with Santos Escobar last night, and apparently something happened. I was told it was a move by Santos Escobar that knocked Rey silly, but he continued to wrestle.”

“The dive was the excuse to call the match off, when he took the dive and they were tending to him and everything like that, they had already planned to stop the match.”

“They stopped the match before the commercial break, but when they found out that he had already been dizzy from before. So he was selling a way to stop the match, was not actually knocked out there but he was dizzy before that. That’s what I was told about how it went down.”

Meltzer continued by saying that WWE stopped the match as a precautionary measure for Rey Mysterio’s health.

“I don’t think he had a concussion, if you watched it on TV it looked like he did, but it was a precautionary measure, they didn’t know. I’m told that he’s fine, so that’s good.”

“It looked like it could’ve been scary when he was laying there because stopping a match due to injury’s a very rare thing in any of these companies, even at times it quite frankly should be done. It was stopped over the fear of a concussion, yeah.”

As for what’s next Santos Escobar will get his US Title match on the August 11th edition of Smackdown.

Thanks to Inside The Ropes for the transcription.