Rey Mysterio Reflects On Winning US Championship – “This Is The LWO’s Title”

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Rey Mysterio has reacted to what it means to be a champion in WWE again while putting over the importance of the LWO group.

Going into last night’s Smackdown episode in Calgary, Austin Theory was supposed to defend the US Title against Santos Escobar. Two weeks earlier on Smackdown, WWE Hall Of Famer Rey Mysterio hit his head during a match with Escobar and WWE called it off as a precaution. Escobar was scheduled to get the win anyway, so it was no problem giving Escobar the win. The good news is Rey wasn’t seriously injured during that match.

During a backstage interview on Smackdown, Escobar was attacked by Theory, who specifically targeted the left knee by slamming the lid of an equipment case onto Escobar’s knee. Later, when Escobar entered for the match, Theory attacked him from behind again by attacking the left knee.

When a trainer ruled out Escobar from competing in the match, WWE Official Adam Pearce said that Theory still had to defend the title, but he had to do it against the legendary Rey Mysterio, who is the leader of the LWO (Latino World Order) group that Escobar is a part of.

As soon as the bell rang, Mysterio was a flurry of offense that Theory couldn’t stop. Rey hit a 619 kick followed by a top rope splash for the pinfall win to become the new United States Champion while putting an end to Theory’s lengthy 258-day championship reign. Rey celebrated in the aisle with the LWO’s Escobar, Cruz Del Toro and Joaquin Wilde. There was no Zelina Vega on hand this week.

Rey Mysterio Says This Title Win Is All About The LWO

It was right around WrestleMania 39 earlier this year when Rey Mysterio re-started the LWO group with Escobar, Del Toro, Wilde and Vega. While talking about his US Title win on the Smackdown Lowdown show on Peacock/WWE Network, the 48-year-old Rey Mysterio made sure to credit his group.

“Today was a roller coaster ride from the moment I arrived to the moment which is now. I was so angry, and my frustration and my anger took over that when I went out and had that match with Austin, I wasn’t really thinking about the final consequence, which is [being United States Champion]. My team, the LWO, this ain’t my title. This is our title. This is the LWO’s title.”

“Oh my god, this is our unity right here. This is what unites us together. When you have guys like Austin Theory, which we all run across at some point in our lifetime, you have to put an end to that, and I think tonight was the perfect night to put an end to Austin Theory.”

A popular theory among fans is that Santos Escobar will be jealous of Rey Mysterio winning the US Title in a match that was supposed to belong to Escobar, so perhaps the end of the LWO is coming sooner rather than later. Keep on watching Smackdown to find out what’s next.

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