WWE Hall Of Famer Praises Dolph Ziggler – “I Can’t Believe He Was Still There”

Dolph Ziggler

After Dolph Ziggler’s mammoth run with WWE, one of the company’s Hall Of Famers has praised the “super cool dude” following his release.

There was an outpouring from the wrestling world for the accomplishments of former World Heavyweight Champion Dolph Ziggler, when he was part of a raft of releases on 21st September which affected both WWE and NXT. The likes of John Cena and Big E were among those to lead the tributes for his accomplishments.

There has been plenty of speculation about where Ziggler could end up next, with many pointing to Tony Khan and AEW likely to want to make a move to get him to put pen to paper.

RVD Praises “Good Run” For Ziggler

One man who now works for All Elite Wrestling is WWE Hall Of Famer Rob Van Dam. RVD was brought in by Jerry Lynn a few weeks ago, and most recently teamed with Hook.

In a discussion on his One Of A Kind podcast, Van Dam discussed Dolph Ziggler’s WWE run, lauding the fact he was there for 20 years as many others don’t last that long.

He was really talented, super cool dude. I always got along with him. I can’t believe he was still there. I’m not going to say I can’t believe they got rid of him, I can’t believe he was still there, 20 years or something, that’s a good run.

Rob Van Dam also recently discussed whether he thought Triple H tried to “bury him” during his WWE career.

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