RVD Addresses If He Felt Triple H “Buried” Him During WWE Career

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Rob Van Dam shot to fame during an incredible run in ECW. The popularity of RVD led to signing for WWE and now has given his opinions on being buried by Triple H.

RVD arrived in WWE as part of the 2001 Invasion angle, which saw recently signed stars from WCW and ECW looking to take the places of WWE Superstars.

During his WWE stint, ‘The Whole Damn Show’ became a Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion, lifting multiple gold including the WWE Championship and becoming a Six-Time Intercontinental Champion.

Triple H and Rob Van Dam competed in matches including The Game putting the World Heavyweight Championship on the line at Unforgiven 2002.

Discussing his thoughts whilst appearing on Cafe de Rene, Rob Van Dam admitted that during his time in WWE he felt Triple H was responsible for holding him back.

“What’s funny like at this stage having the perspective of a much bigger picture. That means something completely different than it did back then. With that competitive heart being in the mix back in 2005 or whatever, then it felt like, ‘this motherf**ker, like he’s competition with me, and just because he doesn’t like me he’s holding me back. And if it wasn’t for him, boom,'”

Whilst reflecting on his career, RVD now understands the decision making of Triple H and that he no longer takes it personally.

“I don’t take it as personal if that is the truth, you know. I think that Hunter had the right, just like anybody did, to think that I was a bit of a wildcard, you know. Because I was a non-conformist and also kinda like pushed back to authority and I was very uncensored in every which way,”

RVD has recently discussed appreciation of fans reactions during his career, with one match in particular with a multi time WWE Champion topping his list.

The one of a kind Superstar also shared his view on WWE’s decision to bring back ECW.

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