Triple H Suggested Retiring WWE Title He “Doesn’t Like”

WWE Triple H

Triple H was no stranger to championship gold during his illustrious in-ring career but now it seems there is one title in WWE that he’d rather see the back of.

Triple H captured the WWE Championship 9 times during his career as well as the World Heavyweight Championship on four occasions in addition to his runs with the Intercontinental Championship, European Championship, and WWE Tag Team Championship. But one title The Game never held, as it was only created after the end of his full-time career was the Universal Championship which Roman Reigns has made his own.

Now a report from Fight Fans has stated that Triple H “suggested retiring the [Universal] Championship at one time; he really doesn’t like the title.” The report continues that Triple H wanted to get rid of the title very soon after taking over the creative reins of the company from Vince McMahon but “recognised its importance for the dual champion role.”

There have been reports for weeks suggesting that the WWE and Universal Titles will be split again following WrestleMania 39 and that could happen as part of a potential draft.

The WWE Championship and Universal Championship were unified at WrestleMania 38 when Reigns defeated WWE Champion Brock Lesnar to hold both titles.

The Universal Title originated at SummerSlam 2016 when Finn Balor won the vacant title but only held it for one day as the result of an injury he suffered in his bout against Seth Rollins. Eight different men have held the title including the likes of Bray Wyatt and WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg.