WWE Hall Of Famer On “Business To Be Had” Between CM Punk & WWE

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One WWE Hall of Famer explained what would need to happen for business to be done between CM Punk and WWE.

Ahead of the September 2nd episode of Collision, it was announced that AEW had decided to terminate CM Punk’s contract with cause after he was involved in a backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In the previous week.

Naturally, fans have begun to wonder whether Punk might finally make a return to WWE in the wake of his being fired from AEW, and it was reported that he does indeed have interest in returning to the sports entertainment giant. While one report indicated it was a “safe bet” he would appear at Survivor Series in Chicago, more recent reports reveal that Punk is not in talks with WWE as his attempts to return were turned down by the sports entertainment giant.

“Does WWE Need Him?” – Eric Bischoff On CM Punk

WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff addressed the situation between Punk and WWE on a recent episode of Strictly Business. According to the former WCW President, it’s not surprising that WWE turned down Punk’s attempts to return, but he believes the star could be an asset if existing baggage doesn’t play a factor.

“No, not surprised. But also, I wouldn’t be surprised if that situation changes down the road. Do I still believe that there is equity or value in Phil Brooks as the character CM Punk? Yes I do. Does WWE need him? Absolutely they don’t.

“Do they need him, no, but could he be an asset? Yes. I think the only way that could happen is if there was a significant meeting of the minds and convincing that the baggage that has come in the past with Phil Brooks is going to be left somewhere else and not brought into WWE. If Phil Brooks the person can convince the other person in WWE that’s making that decision, that the character of CM Punk can show up at the doorstep without all of the baggage that comes with him? I think there is business to be had.”

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