CM Punk To WWE – “They Turned Him Down”

CM Punk

A new report says WWE has turned down the chance to work with CM Punk again.

Ever since CM Punk was fired by AEW following his backstage altercation with Jack Perry at All In, speculation about his future has been rife.

Much of the speculation has revolved around a possible return to WWE for CM Punk, which in the past seemed unthinkable given his own unceremonious exit from that company back in 2014.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed that WWE has turned down the chance to work with CM Punk right now but that doesn’t mean things won’t change in the future:

“They [WWE] turned him down. He wanted to go there and the decision was a no. It can always change and it was brought up to me that look there’s no such thing as no forever when it comes to WWE but it’s no for now. That was the decision that was made. It’s Vince’s decision, Vince, Nick Khan, Paul Levesque, and obviously, they decided the negatives outweigh the positives and you can’t argue with that.

“There were negatives, there were positives, there were past dealings. It was a different situation from last time. If you remember there were two other opportunities, one where FOX pressured them to take him and Vince said anyone else but him, no. And the second time which was about 10 months ago they were talking again but he was under contract to AEW and I was told that would be a no but it’s easy to say no if there’s no chance they could get him because of the contract.

“This time they could but they decided to pass. […] It can always change, it was made clear to me – if WWE’s business went down that’s a card they could play but is it worth it? How bad is their business gonna go down really? Even if this hot streak as far as live events cools off – and I guess it will eventually, that’s just the reality of wrestling, there’s always ups and downs – but even if it does, how much are they really gonna be hurting? Their profit margins are ridiculous, who needs the headaches? I’m sure that’s the way they looked at it.”

WWE Sources Claim There Are No Plans For CM Punk To Return

An earlier update from Fightful Select indicated that while CM Punk had sent out feelers to WWE to gauge interest, the two sides are not in talks as of now, and no return is currently planned.

According to the report, sources high up in WWE claim that any reports of Punk having signed with the company are false and that as of October 10th, the two sides are not in discussions over a return. Several sources in the company wanted that to be clear to fans who may expect to see the star at Survivor Series which takes place in his hometown of Chicago.

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