Major Update On CM Punk Possibly Returning To WWE

CM Punk WWE Return: The Door Is Not Completely Closed

An update has been provided regarding a potential WWE return for CM Punk noting that he has “an intention to return.”

CM Punk is a former five-time WWE World Champion (six if you want to count ECW) who left the company in 2014 due to being unhappy with the creative direction. At the time, Punk had put in about eight years in WWE and worked his way to becoming one of the biggest stars in the company.

It took nearly seven years for CM Punk to make a return to pro wrestling in All Elite Wrestling in August 2021. It was a celebrated return by many because Punk was a popular wrestler while also being controversial as well.

During his AEW run, CM Punk became a two-time World Champion who worked with some of the biggest names in the company. However, his run in AEW was hurt by a backstage fight with The Elite (Kenny Omega & The Young Bucks) in September 2022. An injury sidelined Punk for about nine months and when he returned, he was kept apart from The Elite due to the bad blood.

At AEW All In London at the company’s biggest show ever, Punk got into a backstage fight with Jack Perry moments before Punk had the opening match on the PPV portion of the show. There was also some backstage incident with AEW CEO Tony Khan, who said “my life was in danger” due to CM Punk threatening him. That led to AEW firing Punk with cause.

CM Punk is interested in returning to WWE

According to the Wrestling Observer Newsletter’s Dave Meltzer, CM Punk is interested in a WWE return. There’s nothing official now, but Meltzer claims that Punk is definitely interested in going back to WWE.

“Regarding C.M. Punk, there is obviously tons of talk regarding him returning. There have been rumors that it’s happening, but those in WWE have only said that no deal is completed and those close to Punk have told us that it is his intention to return and the two sides are in talks.”

“One would expect if such a deal is made that Survivor Series weekend in Chicago would be the time to do the surprise return.”

In April, CM Punk went backstage prior to a Raw taping because he was on a flight with WWE talent and decided to go backstage. Punk was asked to leave due to being under contract to AEW at the time, but it wasn’t known if WWE was angry about him being there or if it was just because he was working for another company at the time.

Survivor Series takes place at the Allstate Arena in Chicago on Saturday, November 25th. CM Punk lives in Chicago so if he is part of the show, WWE wouldn’t have to fly him and hide him like they have done for other surprises in the past.