Indication Of When AEW Knew CM Punk Was To Be Fired

CM Punk

A new report has shed light on when AEW might have known CM Punk’s time in the company was over.

The saga of CM Punk in AEW finally came to an end on September 2nd when the company announced that Punk had been “terminated for cause with immediate effect.” Punk’s firing came on the back of an altercation with Jack Perry backstage but there is believed to have been a further confrontation between Punk and Tony Khan with Khan noting that he felt his life was in danger.

However, it seems AEW knew that CM Punk was on his way out of the company days before an announcement was made.

When did AEW know CM Punk was to be let go?

A new report from Fightful Select has suggested that AEW had let Warner Bros Discovery know the “soft brand split” was ending through the week before announcing Punk’s firing. AEW also told their US broadcast partner that they were going to terminate Punk’s contract.

Thursday was noted as the day that The Young Bucks were scheduled to appear on Collision for the first time. The split in the roster existed to keep The Elite and CM Punk apart given their bad blood so if plans for The Bucks existed on Thursday, it’s reasonable to assume then AEW knew Punk was leaving.

Bryan Danielson was noted to be facing Ricky Starks at All Out on Wednesday, replacing Punk, but at that point, it was believed Punk was suspended so a replacement would have been needed for him either way. The report notes that Danielson is going to be an “integral name” on Collision moving forward.