WWE Hall Of Famer Thinks Relationship With Triple H Will Prevent Return

Triple H WWE

A Hall of Famer doesn’t think they’ll return to WWE.

In recent years WWE has changed dramatically with Vince McMahon removed from company decision-making. In his place, Triple H has picked up the creative baton and made several changes to how the company operates.

Back in April, Rob Van Dam seemed to hint he’d be open to returning to WWE, but with the caveat that he wouldn’t be the person to pick up the phone. He added that if he isn’t going to approach WWE, then a return would be unlikely.

However, Van Dam has now slightly walked back that sentiment, admitting he’s unsure about his relationship with Triple H.

Rob Van Dam Unsure On WWE Return

It’s been well-known for several years that Rob Van Dam and Triple H didn’t see eye-to-eye when they worked together in the early and mid-2000s. And that previous hostility might play a role in Van Dam remaining away from a WWE ring.

During an appearance on Busted Open Radio, Van Dam said he didn’t feel he was seen in a better light by WWE with Vince McMahon gone.

“I think, you know, everyone is excited. It seems like it’s a good thing for business. Personally, I can’t imagine that I’m in a better light, necessarily, unless somebody in the office wants to do something really different and sees value where somebody else doesn’t.”

The veteran clarified that he had a good relationship with McMahon but isn’t sure about “the other guy.”

“To be more specific, I think I had a good relationship with Vince … the other guy [Triple H]? I don’t know,”

Van Dam hasn’t wrestled for the sports entertainment giant since 2014, but he’s continued to make occasional appearances on television.

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