Rob Van Dam Opens Up About His Heat With Triple H

Rob Van Dam Opens Up About His Heat With Triple H

Rob Van Dam offered a rare glimpse into his relationship with Triple H, WWE’s current Chief Operating Officer.

In a recent interview with Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Rob Van Dam’s candid reflections shed light on the dynamics between the two industry veterans, revealing a mix of professional respect and personal challenges. Addressing the topic of perceived tension between himself and Triple H, Van Dam acknowledged moments where he felt sidelined and undervalued. He candidly admitted to experiencing defensiveness and a sense of being looked down upon by Triple H at times during their interactions.

Throughout his WWE tenure, Van Dam noted instances where Triple H’s influence affected his career trajectory, including pivotal decisions like potential WrestleMania appearances. Despite the disappointment of missed opportunities, Van Dam maintained an understanding of Triple H’s position within the company and the professional rationale behind his choices.

I think it’s common knowledge that not only was he office, but that it’s been said a lot of times publicly that he was at least one of the people responsible for turning the idea of using RVD in a more productive way down. I think everybody knows, it could have been RVD at Wrestlemania and he thought, ‘Nah, Rob’s not a big enough star or whatever.’

Reflecting on his personal growth journey, which he fondly termed “RVDology,” Rob Van Dam emphasised his evolved perspective on interpersonal dynamics. He shared how he has embraced a broader outlook, refraining from harbouring ill feelings toward those who may not hold him in high regard.

Well, it’s easy to take that personally like I would like my fans would and then we’d have that state of mind, you know, ‘Screw him, he doesn’t know him.’ But if you look at it from the bigger picture, and you look at him doing his job, and certainly, he has a right to his opinion, now if someone tells me they don’t like me, I don’t even necessarily develop bad feelings for them. There are people that I like, where if they like me or not, isn’t even a factor and that’s just me and my RVDology, my special one-of-a-kind insight and I’m always growing spiritually and having all of that to frame my perspective, looking at the bigger picture. He was doing his job with the opinion that he felt and how are you going to fault him for that?

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