WWE Doesn’t Want Free Agents

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WWE is believed to be looking at locking in its stars as Dave Meltzer says the company does not want anyone leaving.

Dominik Mysterio has signed a new deal with WWE to keep him with the company for the considerable future. The star has blossomed on the main roster into one of the most hated villains in the company and frequently elicits some of the loudest reactions at shows.

Dave Meltzer reported after that Rey Mysterio has also inked a new WWE deal although it is unknown how long that deal is for. If it’s a five-year contract then the WWE Hall of Famer could be planning to stay in the ring until he’s at least 54.

WWE Don’t Want Stars Leaving

WWE went through the process of re-signing many stars to lucrative, long-term deals in 2019 amid the looming threat of AEW. Time may have passed since then but it seems the company is still reluctant to lose people to Tony Khan’s company.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted that WWE is looking to avoid any of its stars becoming free agents by handing out contracts once again:

I was told they (WWE) were looking at long-term deals with greatly increased compensation for the guys because they don’t want free agents right now.

Drew McIntyre is yet to sign a new deal with WWE and the belief is his contract with the company expires following WrestleMania 40 in the spring. World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins’ WWE contract is also up in the new year.

h/t WrestleTalk