WWE Hall Of Famer Wants Current Wrestlers To “Learn How To Sell”

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A WWE Hall of Famer thinks that today’s wrestlers don’t sell enough and to him that makes the modern wrestling product hard to get into.

Many older and former wrestlers have criticized what’s seen in wrestling today because a lot of wrestlers have embraced a more surrealistic approach to wrestling. This lack of realism manifests itself in many ways but the most frequently-seen form is in wrestlers either underselling some big move or not selling at all.

One former wrestler to echo this sentiment is Ted DiBiase Sr., who described these issues on Everybody’ Got A Pod.

“It’s so hard for me to watch today’s product because I watch them and it’s like, ‘okay, I might as well be watching a tumbling match because all I see is them doing high spots’.

I used to take a bump, we call it an ass bump where the guy picks you up and it looks like he’s dropping your rear end right on his leg. I would take that and then I would bounce off of that and I knew how to hit the rope at just the right part of my body to where my legs would fly up and I would go over the top rope to the floor.”

WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase explains why wrestlers need to sell more

But DiBiase’s criticism wasn’t just an older wrestler not keeping up with the times; instead, he explained that there was a reason for prolonged selling and failing to sell long enough undercuts a babyface’s comeback which in turn lessens the impact of the story being told in the ring,

“Now today, you do that, they bounce up like nothing happened. I would lay there and sell it. All you young wrestlers out there, learn how to sell. In other words, there’s got to be a reason for a babyface to make a comeback, and unless he sells, I mean, your comeback is only going to be as good as your sell-job.”

TedDiBiase was in the news recently for allegedly being involved in a welfare fraud scandal. However, he has dismissed these claims and insists that he’s being “used as a scapegoat.”