Cameron Grimes Recalls What He Learned From Ted DiBiase

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Cameron Grimes has reflected on what it was like for him to learn from WWE Hall of Famer Ted DiBiase in NXT.

The WWE career of Cameron Grimes has seen him go from being an NXT superstar from 2019 to 2022 into his current spot on Smackdown. While Grimes is currently dealing with Baron Corbin, who attacked him this past Friday on Smackdown, he is also looking back on the biggest storyline he had in NXT.

It was in 2021 during the era where fans weren’t at WWE shows due to the COVID-19 pandemic when WWE Hall of Famer “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase became part of a storyline involving Grimes and LA Knight. That’s because Grimes had a gimmick where he was rich, so then DiBiase would show up and they became rivals.

As the story continued, Cameron Grimes would learn to be a more humble man. In the end, Cameron Grimes beat LA Knight to win the feud and become the Million Dollar Champion. After that point, WWE stopped using that title.

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During an appearance on the Out of Character podcast with Ryan Satin, Cameron Grimes spoke about his storyline with the Million Dollar Man.

“I was young in the Attitude area, so like, I didn’t grow up watching Ted. So never in my life would…when you when you’re making your creator wrestler and Smackdown vs. Raw or whatever and you’re making your vision board of how that career is going to go. And on my vision board, I’ve never had riding in a Rolls Royce with Ted Dibiase on that vision board. It’s just kind of a thing that came out of left field.”

“But then once it was there, like I just had to take full advantage of it. Ted was the man and we went to so many cool locations that only I feel the WWE can get for you and do for you. Like I’ll probably never drive a Rolls Royce again. I would really love to, but the fact that I got to do that with the WWE and Ted Dibiase made it so cool. So, like, you know, I could never ask for a better opportunity than we got to do with that.”

As he continued, Cameron Grimes talked about learning from being around Ted DiBiase so much.

“And then, even him just being able to give me a little bit of advice when we’re in between takes and stuff like that and just kind of being able to help me, you know, I mean, he’s been doing promos for 30 years at least, right? So, it was nice to just, you know, have more people that can be in your ear and just kind of give you different ways of doing different things. Just kind of stay strong, you know what I mean?”

“Like this business could be tough and you know, I mean you can be there could be very high highs and there could be very low lows and you just got to know how to be able to handle those and be able to maintain and stay in this business.”

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