Ted DiBiase On “Garbage” Mississippi Welfare Fraud Scandal – “They’re Looking For A Scapegoat”

Ted DiBiase

Ted DiBiase, Sr. believes his family is being targeted as a “scapegoat” in the ongoing Mississippi welfare fraud scandal that’s seen two of his sons criminally charged.

In May of 2022, DiBiase and his sons Ted DiBiase Jr. and Brett DiBiase were among 38 names in a civil lawsuit seeking to reclaim a total of $24 million dollars which was meant to be used for needy families in Mississippi. NFL legend Brett Favre was also listed among the names.

At the time, Brett DiBiase was the only one to face criminal charges and pled guilty to one count of conspiracy to defraud the United States in U.S. District Court earlier in 2023. Brett had already pleaded guilty to other charges related to the scandal in late 2020.

On April 20th, the US Department of Justice issued a press release stating that Ted DiBiase Jr. was officially being indicted with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud and theft, six counts of wire fraud, two counts of theft, and four counts of money laundering due to his alleged involvement in the scandal. If convicted on all charges, he could face decades in prison. DiBiase Jr. was released from jail on bond on April 21st.

State officials say Ted DiBiase Sr. also received millions in TANF funds for his Christian ministry. However, he has not been accused of nor charged with a crime at this time.

Speaking in a recent interview with News 4 Jacksonville, the Million Dollar Man addressed the scandal surrounding his family and called it a “bunch of garbage,” stating:

“We’re doing good. And all of that is a bunch of garbage. I’m not at liberty to talk about it but you know it’s kind of like they’re looking for a scapegoat.”

Continuing, DiBiase said that his celebrity name is the only reason he is being targeted in this civil lawsuit.

“We’re caught in the middle of it. If I didn’t have a celebrity name they wouldn’t even be looking at me.”

DiBiase recently opened up about dealing with severe brain trauma as a result of his career in wrestling.