WWE Changes Policy For Survivor Series 2023

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WWE Survivor Series in Chicago, Illinois is proving to be the hottest ticket in town.

Survivor Series looks like it will be packed out in the Allstate Arena in November as WrestleTix has reported that there are no more single-event tickets available with the only way to get to see the show live being to pick up a combo ticket which also includes SmackDown although there is only 15 of those left as well.

Resale tickets for the event number 367 meaning that the show is likely to be a complete sell-out with fans in Chicago possibly getting to see WarGames.

Haus of Wrestling has now reported that due to the demand for tickets, WWE will not be offering talent and staff working at the show any complimentary tickets. The decision to put Survivor Series on the ‘no comp’ list was said to have been made several weeks ago with a source noting that it was uncommon for shows to be put on the list that far ahead of time.

Another source is quoted as saying that the restriction on comped tickets extends beyond just Survivor Series: “Since the live events boom, comps have been waaaaaaaaay scaled back.”

WWE don’t want fans thinking CM Punk will be at Survivor Series

According to a recent report, sources high up in WWE claim that any reports of CM Punk having signed with the company are false and that as of October 10th, the two sides were not in discussions over a return.

Several sources in the company wanted that to be clear to fans who may expect to see the star at Survivor Series which takes place in his hometown of Chicago.