Backstage WWE & AEW Reactions To Tony Khan’s “Petulant” Social Media Use

Tony Khan at AEW All In media scrum

Some people in both WWE and AEW are raising their eyebrows over the things Tony Khan posts to social media.

Tony Khan frequently posts to social media and Twitter/X in particular. Most times he’s trying to promote an upcoming show, congratulate the success of one of his wrestlers, or thank his fans for their support and engagement.

However, there is another side of Khan’s online activity that cast him in a more negative light. When AEW and WWE went head-to-head on Tuesday night, Khan’s online messages became a bit more aggressive and, according to some industry veterans, made him come across as “petulant”.

One of these tweets was the words “BALD A**HOLE”, which was allegedly a Curb Your Enthusiasm reference aimed at either Triple H, Shawn Michaels, or both of them.

Additionally, earlier on Thursday, Khan once again took to Twitter/X, this time to criticize the alleged lack of drawing power of both John Cena and The Undertaker, both of whom appeared on the October 10th episode of NXT.

“This week, 2 active decades-long ratings streaks from 2 great legends were ended With all due respect, until this week’s head-to-head AEW on TBS vs WWE on USA, neither John Cena nor Undertaker had ever been on a WWE show with under 1 million total viewers + under 400k in the demo”

Several wrestling industry veterans concerned with Tony Khan’s online behaviour

These statements have been met with strong reactions from fans, but according to Fightful Select, many people within AEW were surprised that these statements even went out. At the same time, the sort of replies Khan has been getting from fans has not been surprising.

The report further noted that Tony Khan does not usually clear his posts with anyone from the PR department before posting what’s on his mind.

Another individual with contacts within the wrestling business, Bryan Alvarez, noted that the people that he reached out to regarding Khan’s online behavior has led to a general mindset of “can somebody get this guy off his phone?”