Tony Khan “Beyond Help” Says Eric Bischoff

tony khan aew promo suit

Eric Bischoff thinks Tony Khan wants to be Paul Heyman or even Vince McMahon.

Tony Khan has had a tough week after the ratings came in for the Tuesday night head-to-head between Dynamite and NXT. WWE’s show won the night handily with a stacked show that featured John Cena and The Undertaker.

Speaking on his Strictly Business show – courtesy of AdFreeShows – WWE Hall of Famer Eric Bischoff, a frequent critic of Khan’s, has again had another shot at the AEW boss, noting that he believes Khan needs help running his company:

“I think Tony’s beyond help. I don’t think Tony Khan is the type of person that wants help. I think Tony Khan more than anything else wants to be Paul Heyman or wants to be Vince McMahon.

“Yeah, this is a vanity project. He loves wrestling, okay, I get it. He loves wrestling. He loves it. He loves it with every fibre of his being. That doesn’t mean he’s good at it. And unless Tony recognises that he’s not good at it. You could bring in anybody you wanted to and it won’t work because he won’t listen, not to the extent that he needs to. I wouldn’t wish that position on anybody that I know. Absolutely not.”

Eric Bischoff thinks WBD owns 30% of Tony Khan’s AEW

Perhaps speaking from his own experience of running the Turner-owned WCW, Bischoff continued by noting that Warner Brothers Discovery which now owns TBS and TNT might step in – especially as if Bischoff contends they own a share in AEW – something that has not been confirmed or even reported up until now:

“Until and unless Tony or an executive at Turner, because at some point, we’re gonna talk about this in just a few minutes, I think or sometime during the show. But at some point, there’s got to be a network executive who’s in charge of overseeing the AEW, product. It’s got to get on the ball because some of the stuff like I said, this is a weird storm.

“You’ve got Tony Khan who knows nothing about producing television, I don’t care how much of a wrestling fan he is He doesn’t know anything about producing television. And you’ve got a network now in Warner Discovery that doesn’t know anything about the wrestling business. So you got a TV producer who doesn’t know anything about television and a television network that doesn’t know anything about wrestling. How do you think that’s going to end up?

“Especially if Warner has a stake and a 30% stake as you and I have both heard, to be true, you don’t know for a fact there’s no smoking gun. But I believe it. A lot of people do believe it, those who are a little closer to the epicentre of what’s going on. And at some point, somebody’s going to have to go no, this is not such a great idea the way we’re doing it, let’s take a look at it. But until that happens, or until Tony recognises he sucks at this. There’s not going to be any changes and I certainly wouldn’t recommend anybody to go work there.”

Eric Bischoff was a victim of the Turner organisation making a change due to sharply declining business in September 1999 when he was removed as President of WCW and the position was eliminated completely. He later returned to help write shows with Vince Russo before leaving for good in 2000.

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