Tony Khan Comments On Vince McMahon’s Use Of “Power & Influence”

Tony Khan AEW

Tony Khan has doubled down on Vince McMahon.

With social media in a frenzy over what might come out of the ratings battle as NXT and AEW Dynamite went head-to-head on the 10th of October, Tony Khan responded to one person who suggested that he wouldn’t be tuning into Dynamite with a Roderick Strong GIF that bore the caption “Who gives a f*ck?”

Another user, purporting to be a grown man, responded that if “Sir Vince McMahon” had responded in kind, people would be up in arms. However, Tony Khan suggested that if Vince McMahon had said it, it would be the least of his issues:

“If Sir Vince McMahon said this, it would be the least of his alleged misdeeds. #AEWTitleTuesday on TBS Tuesday #AEWDynamite Tonight!”

Tony Khan remarks on Vince McMahon’s “power and influence”

Tony Khan again responded to another social media user who indicated that Vince McMahon had the right to take cheap shots at the competition for some reason while Tony Khan did not with Khan again alluding to allegations made against TKO Group’s Executive Chairman:

“Yes. Vince has allegedly used his power and influence to shoot a lot of shots.”

Vince McMahon has of course been the subject of serious allegations in recent years surrounding sexual misconduct and hush money payments made to ex-WWE employees. The most serious accusation levelled at McMahon surrounds his alleged rape of ex-WWE referee Rita Chatterton in the 1980s. McMahon eventually paid a multi-million-dollar settlement to Chatterton in relation to that allegation.