Wrestling Legend Spoon-Fed Rob Van Dam When They First Met

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Rob Van Dam opened up about being spoon-fed by one of his greatest rivals while under the influence of a muscle relaxer.

Jerry Lynn and Rob Van Dam became synonymous with one another during their time in ECW, putting on some of the promotion’s most acclaimed matches as they fought over the ECW World Television Championship.

Speaking on a recent episode of his 1 Of A Kind podcast, Van Dam opened up about the first time he met Jerry Lynn on a plane, admitting that he took the muscle relaxer Soma immediately after saying hello.

“This was the Soma days, back before I knew how dangerous they were. I would eat Somas sometimes, and one of those times would be when I’m on an airplane trying to sleep. So, I got on the airplane, I think it was ValuJet … Jerry [Lynn] was sitting much more towards the front, so I passed him on the way to the back. That’s where I met him.

“[I said] ‘Hey, Jerry, you know, what’s up, dude? Good to meet you.’ I went back there, to the back, in my seat, and I apparently took some Somas so that I could take a nap on the airplane. And I thought that I would eat some cereal that the stewardess handed out to help kick in the Somas.”

Continuing, Van Dam recalled finding it difficult to eat his cereal after taking the Soma, and Jerry Lynn came to his aid in holding his spoon for him.

“That motherf***er ended up feeding me. First time I met him, he’s feeding me Froot Loops or something. I don’t know what our conversation would have entailed at that point, what we could have possibly talked about when he came back there, but yeah, man, nice dude. He took over the spoon right away.”

h/t WrestlingInc