WWE Hall Of Famer Says Final Run In Company “Sucked Monkey Balls”

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One WWE Hall of Famer isn’t too proud of his most recent run with the company.

Back in 2013, Rob Van Dam made his return to WWE for the first time since his release in 2007. After participating in that year’s Money in the Bank ladder match, RVD went on a short winning stream before failing to capture the United States Championship held by Dean Ambrose as he won their title match by disqualification so the belt did not change hands. Van Dam then feuded with World Champion Alberto Del Rio, once again failing to capture gold as he won their title bout by disqualification.

Following his feud with Del Rio, Van Dam disappeared from television for some time, re-emerging in April of 2014 and going on a far less successful run. After a number of feuds that saw him defeated multiple times, Van Dam competed in his final WWE match in August of 2014, losing to Seth Rollins.

When a fan on Twitter celebrated the tenth anniversary of his 2013 return, Van Dam pointed out that he doesn’t consider his final run to have lasted just over a year. He had praise for his 2013 work, but said his final run in 2014 was not his finest. The Hall of Famer wrote:

“Actually, I did a fantastic 90 day run in 2013, and then another five month run in 2014, which sucked monkey balls.”

During an Inside the Ropes tour in October of 2022, Van Dam opened up about the difficulties of dealing with politics working for a sports entertainment giant.