Will Ospreay Reveals New Tattoo Inspired By AEW All In

Will Ospreay AEW All In

Will Ospreay got a new tattoo to commemorate his performance inside Wembley Stadium at AEW All In.

AEW All In was a record-breaking show, taking place in front of the largest paid attendance in wrestling history. The blockbuster event saw Will Ospreay defeat Chris Jericho in a highly-praised bout, aided by Don Callis at ringside.

Following the match, Ospreay took to social media to reflect, saying the event was life-changing. He wrote:

“The gratitude I have for you all that have followed my career throughout this crazy journey is genuinely overwhelming. Last night you & AEW truly changed my life. Honoured not only to represent my family, NJPW but represent British wrestling at Wembley Stadium. Thank you so much.”

Now, AEW All In has been commemorated as a permanent part of Ospreay’s body as he’s gotten a new tattoo. As pointed out by Twitter user Drainmaker, Ospreay’s new tattoo pays tribute to multiple aspects of AEW All In, including the date of the show and its record-breaking attendance.

• 51.5560° N, 0.2796° W (Wembley Stadium coordinates)
• XXVII VIII MMXXIII (27 August 2023)
• 20:28 (London time of his match w/Jericho)
• 81,035 paid attendance

Wrestling for AEW inside Wembley clearly was a dream come true for Ospreay. Next year will be very interesting.

Will Ospreay Was Not Part Of All In 2018

While Ospreay was a major part of the first All In under the All Elite Wrestling banner, he was not present for the first show of that name in 2018. Taking to social media ahead of his Wembley Stadium debut, Ospreay revealed that Cody Rhodes and The Young Bucks forgot to invite him to be part of the sellout event in Chicago. He wrote:

“True story. Cody asked months after the first one “why wasn’t you on All In” My reply was “you didn’t ask” Essentially they forgot to message me to be part of their history. Took long enough but finally part of All In at Wembley Stadium…And I’m not All Elite…I’m Above It”