More On AEW All In’s “Legitimate” Attendance

AEW All In.

AEW did not inflate their attendance for the All In pay-per-view.

On the night Nigel McGuinness stood in the ring and declared that All Elite Wrestling had sold 81,035 tickets for their first-ever UK event. As reported by PWInsider, this number is completely accurate “to the ticket.” The report does state that with comps, visitors and other people in the building such as Wembley Stadium and AEW staff the total number will be higher. However, AEW wanted to have the number of paid tickets as the number announced to the world as they did not want there to be any over-inflation.

The number of tickets sold for the Wembley Stadium show has been a closely followed topic ever since the show was first announced to be taking place in the iconic venue. Detractors of the promotion found the concept laughable and even the most hardcore fans of the product felt that this might be a step too far in terms of Tony Khan’s ambition. What followed was months of ticket sales climbing and climbing to the point where it broke the record for the most tickets sold for a wrestling event in history, shattering all expectations.

AEW Announces Actual Number

Wrestling fans will find the news that the paid attendance announced was accurate refreshingly honest. With WWE previously running stadium shows for their big events, their attendance numbers are calculated slightly differently. Whereas All Elite Wrestling has only announced the paid tickets sold, WWE announces the total number of people in the building, and even then can add more on to make it seem more impressive.

As seen in 2016, WrestleMania 32 announced their attendance as 101,763. The actual number in attendance was 93,173 and 80,709 tickets were actually sold.

AEW will have to wait a year to try and beat their own record, as they have announced the return of All In for August 2024.

Looking to reclaim their crown, early numbers indicate whether or not WWE can break this record.