AEW Announces All In London 2024

AEW All In London Wembley

Tony Khan and AEW are heading back to Wembley Stadium in 2024.

AEW went All In at Wembley Stadium in London, England and the huge gamble paid off with the event now boasting the highest-paid attendance for any wrestling show in history.

The show itself proved to be a hit with the 81,035 fans in attendance as London roared on the likes of The Acclaimed and Bad Ass Billy Gunn, Saraya, and even MJF to success. It was in fact a doubly successful night for MJF as on the Zero Hour pre-show, he and Adam Cole managed to co-exist and nail their deadly double clothesline to win the Ring of Honor Tag Team Championship from Aussie Open.

The night’s main event took the brochachos for life’s love for each other to the extreme as Adam Cole looked hell-bent on doing whatever it took to claim the AEW World Championship for himself. The two men ended up laying out each other with stereo clotheslines and the match was originally declared a draw. However, as in their first meeting Cole asked for five minutes and this time MJF still said no but agreed to however long it took to get a winner in “f*cking Wembley.”

The bunny-boiling Roderick Strong also made his presence felt as he nailed MJF with a low blow before encouraging Cole to use the AEW Title belt to lay out MJF but in the end, Cole just couldn’t do it. Ultimately it was MJF using a small package that earned him the biggest win of his career.

AEW gearing up for Wembley return

During the show a graphic on-screen caught everyone’s attention as it announced that AEW will be returning to Wembley Stadium for All In once again on August 25th, 2024. After All In went off the air, Adam Cole also announced the return to Wembley and thankfully, he and MJF remained friends to send the crowd home happy.