Will Ospreay Reveals Why He Missed Original All In

Will Ospreay posing in the ring

Will Ospreay was available for the original All In event.

The history-making show in 2018 featured the biggest stars of the independent scene, leading to the creation of All Elite Wrestling just 4 months later.

Cody Rhodes was one of the people responsible for booking people for the event, aiming to make the best card possible with the talent that was available at the time. With all the phone calls and emails that were required to make the show possible, Rhodes appeared to have forgotten to get in touch with Ospreay.

Transitioning to the heavyweight division in 2018, Ospreay was really starting to make a name for himself at the time, gaining notoriety for his in-ring work.

Responding to an All In graphic posted by AEW to promote his upcoming appearance at Wembley Stadium, Ospreay revealed Rhodes did contact him after the show took place and gave an honest response to why he was not there whilst taking a shot at AEW:

True story. Cody asked months after the first one “why wasn’t you on All In” My reply was “you didn’t ask” Essentially they forgot to message me to be part of their history. Took long enough but finally part of All In at Wembley Stadium…And I’m not All Elite…I’m Above It

Will Ospreay Prepares For Wembley Stadium Match Against Chris Jericho

Competing in AEW for the first time since the critically acclaimed rematch against Kenny Omega at Forbidden Door, The Ariel Assassin takes on another one of Canada’s most famous wrestlers, the first-ever AEW Champion Chris Jericho. Expected to receive a hometown hero’s welcome, Ospreay will wrestle in front of over 80,000 fans in London, the biggest crowd he has ever competed in front of.

After the historic match, Ospreay will return to London later in the year to represent New Japan in their UK show.