Will Ospreay Returns To AEW, Huge Match Announced For All In

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Will Ospreay made a shocking return on AEW Dynamite, which led to an announcement of a massive match for All In at Wembley Stadium.

There was a promo segment on AEW Dynamite in Nashville with Chris Jericho set to answer if he was going to join the Don Callis Family. Jericho let Callis know that his answer was…yes. Callis was surprised by it and they hugged in the ring.

There was a painting in the ring with a drawing of Callis holding Jericho’s head without the rest of Jericho’s body. Jericho said does this mean that Callis thought he was going to say no? Callis claimed that the artist screwed up what he wanted. Jericho could tell that Callis was lying.

Callis admitted he didn’t think that Jericho would say yes to him. Callis said that he thought Jericho would say no because of his massive ego. Callis told Jericho in a business of egomaniacs, Jericho is the biggest one of them. Callis called Jericho a “narcissistic egomaniac” that said Jericho didn’t deserve to be in Don’s business.

Jericho responded to Callis by saying he was a piece of trash and an “a**hole.” Callis slapped Jericho, so Jericho took him down and Konosuke Takeshita arrived for an attack. That’s when Will Ospreay showed up with a jumping forearm for Jericho.

Will Ospreay also hit Jericho in the head with a steel chair although Jericho did get his arm up to take most of the blow. Callis had the painting and he hit Jericho in the head with it. Jericho was bleeding heavily. Sammy Guevara ran out to the ring with a baseball bat, so Callis and friends left.

Will Ospreay To Face Chris Jericho At AEW All In

Later on Dynamite, Jericho was interviewed backstage by Renee Paquette while a trainer was checking on Jericho’s bloody forehead. Jericho said that he would have faced Ospreay in 2021 if not for the COVID-19 pandemic, so now they will get the match at All In. It was made official later in the show. Jericho said he would make Ospreay bleed in the match.

“Ospreay, at Wembley Stadium, your home turf, you want a piece of Chris Jericho. Jericho versus Ospreay at All In! I’m going to make you bleed and drink your blood. I’m going to get inside your head and embarrass you. You don’t know what you got into, but you’ve opened hell and the Ocho is coming for you!”

The Ospreay-Jericho match was first reported by Fightful in late July. It’s a match where Ospreay will have the home field advantage since he’s from England on a show taking place in England.

Based on the story, the IWGP UK Champion Ospreay is the heel and Jericho is the babyface, but the fans at Wembley may not react that way at all. As you can see below, Ospreay is excited about it.