Will Ospreay Receives Incredible Gift From NJPW Fans [PHOTO]

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Will Ospreay has been presented with an amazing gift from New Japan Pro Wrestling fans ahead of his departure from the promotion.

After months of speculation on his future, Will Ospreay announced he was All Elite at Full Gear, meaning his time in NJPW was coming to an end after eight years. The Commonwealth Kingpin has since revealed that his final match in the company will take place in February.

At Wrestle Kingdom 18, Ospreay was part of a Triple Threat match to determine the first IWGP Global Heavyweight Champion which also included Jon Moxley and David Finlay. In the end, Finlay won the gold, but it was Ospreay who won the audience, with 30,000 fans chanting for the start and cheering him throughout.

Ospreay has now revealed that the same fans have sent him a heart-warming leaving gift in the form of a Japanese flag covered in messages of thanks and support for the star. He also shared the letter from ‘Rena’ that accompanied the flag.

“To Ospreay

Thank you so much for 8 years!!

This is your one and only Japanese flag that I made with the help of Japanese fans. you have worked so hard for 8 years in a different culture and everything. It is not easy thing for anyone to do, and you have been fighting with NJPW on your shoulders for a long time. It was a little hard for me to see your burden getting bigger and bigger. I wanted to carry it with you. A professional wrestler is stronger than anyone else, but they are also just a human being. But you were always a “wrestler.” We all knew that. That’s why we kept supporting you.

This flag has a lot of messages of support and memories about you on it. Please don’t feel pressure. We all looking forward to seeing you fly out into the world.

If you about to crash, we will be there to support you, and if it rains on you, we will be your umbrella. No matter what happens, we will always be with you. You are not alone!

We love u Will Ospreay.”

Will Ospreay Announces Details Of Last NJPW Match

Will Ospreay will be part of a huge Cage Match at The New Beginning In Osaka. The first cage match the company has seen in two decades came about after a multi-man tag match between Ospreay’s United Empire and David Finlay’s Bullet Club War Dogs descended into chaos and left bodies and furniture lying everywhere.

Ospreay demanded a rematch from Finlay in Osaka, but left it to the Bullet Club Leader to choose the stipulation. The Rebel was quick to choose a cage match, meaning the violence is likley to escalate between the two groups as The New Beginning approaches.