Will Ospreay Fires Back At Triple H On AEW Dynamite

Triple H Will Ospreay

Will Ospreay is in AEW after turning down WWE but it seems some recent comments from Triple H have rattled the English star.

Will Ospreay was one of several big-name free agents AEW have snapped up in recent weeks who chose Tony Khan’s company over WWE. As far as Ospreay goes, reports have suggested some in WWE felt Triple H’s offer to Will Ospreay was far too low as they missed out on him.

Will Ospreay has spoken openly about his reasons for choosing AEW, citing his commitment to continue living in England due to his partner and his step-child being there. But this may have all played into Triple H’s apparent low-ball offer.

Speaking on The Pat McAfee Show, Triple H explained how he keeps track of those working in the industry with the help of those working with him in WWE but says ultimately he has to see how good someone is before they’ll get a chance in WWE and says success elsewhere won’t guarantee success at the biggest show in town:

If they are not here to be all in on this…when I see people coming out of trying to make it, and then they pick a job where, well, they work less, the schedule is lighter, then I’m like, ‘I’m glad I didn’t pick you.’ If you’re not in it for the grind, at that point early in your career, you have no business being here.

Will Ospreay Takes Aim At Triple H

On an explosive edition of AEW Dynamite where The Young Bucks showed footage of CM Punk’s fight at All In, Will Ospreay had something on his mind as well.

Ahead of his dream match with Bryan Danielson at Dynasty, Ospreay spoke with Renee Paquette on the show and shared a little message of his own to The Game:

I am delivering some of the best professional wrestling matches this world has ever seen, bruv.

Normally I wouldn’t rise to this type of bait. But seeing as the guy who said it is only in the position he is in because he was grinding on the boss’s daughter, you are in no position to tell me what the grind is all about, my friend, because you have no idea what I fight for.

So let this be a painful little jab back and a gentle reminder that you do not throw stones at an assassin with a machine gun.