AEW Shows Shocking Footage Of CM Punk’s Backstage Fight At All In (VIDEO)

CM Punk

On AEW Dynamite, the show featured footage of WWE’s CM Punk from his backstage fight with Jack Perry.

It was announced by AEW that they would show footage of CM Punk’s backstage fight with Jack Perry at the AEW All In PPV from August 2023. The fight ultimately led to AEW firing CM Punk a week later, which opened the door for CM Punk to return to WWE at Survivor Series last November.

On AEW Dynamite on April 10th, The Young Bucks were shown backstage. Nicholas Jackson talked about how at AEW All In last year they faced FTR in a match where fans said that their match with FTR would determine the best team of this generation. Matthew Jackson talked about how Jack Perry was the scapegoat in the backstage fight at AEW All In. Nick Jackson said that FTR are friends with the guy that Perry fought with. CM Punk was never mentioned by name.

Matthew Jackson said that they were thrown off their game after the backstage fight because the locker room was in disarray. Matthew claimed they had no time to hydrate or pray. Matthew said that FTR beat The Young Bucks at All In London, but he thinks there should be an asterisk for the FTR victory. Matthew said that the incident itself wasn’t even the worst part. Matthew said it resembled more like a high school scrap. Matthew said that this incident threatened to take down their biggest show of all time. Nick said let’s roll the tape.

They showed the footage from backstage at AEW All In when CM Punk went up to Jack Perry backstage while several other people were around. We obviously couldn’t hear them since it’s from a camera from a distance. Punk was shown talking to Jack Perry. We could see Punk deliver the first strike to Perry and then grab the star in an apparent choke. It was quickly broken up by Samoa Joe (Punk’s opponent at AEW All In), Jerry Lynn, a referee and others. After the incident, Punk was separated from Perry and would go on to have his All In match with Samoa Joe.

Matt Jackson said that the worst part of the whole thing was that it was the biggest wrestling show where AEW sold the most tickets ever and they (The Young Bucks) were distracted. Matt said that FTR wanted to shake their hands. Nick said that at Dynasty, they are not shaking their hands and called FTR pricks. The Young Bucks walked away to end it.

After the footage aired, FTR’s Cash Wheeler & Dax Harwood did a promo complaining about The Young Bucks choosing to air that footage while building to their AEW Dynasty match against the Young Bucks. They did not mention CM Punk by name although it is well known they are friends with Punk.

Tony Khan Upset With CM Punk Over Recent Interview

During his interview with Ariel Helwani prior to WrestleMania 40, CM Punk denied making Tony Khan fear for his life at All In. This was something that Khan claimed when he fired Punk back in September 2023.

Punk also said that Khan was a good guy, but he wasn’t a good boss, and AEW isn’t a real business. Punk went on to say that he felt there was a deliberate attempt to slander him by AEW following his departure from the company. It has been reported that Khan is upset that Punk spoke about these issues publicly.

CM Punk is injured in WWE after tearing his triceps at the Royal Rumble, but he did make his presence felt at WrestleMania 40 when he cost Drew McIntyre the WWE World Heavyweight Title when Damian Priest cashed in the Money in the Bank briefcase on McIntyre.