Tony Khan Addresses CM Punk Comments & AEW All In Brawl

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Tony Khan has further defended his decision to air footage of the fight between CM Punk and Jack Perry.

The backstage brawl between CM Punk and Jack Perry has been back in the news in recent days after Punk gave an explosive interview addressing the incident and his run with AEW.

During the interview, CM Punk claimed AEW isn’t a real business, gave an explanation for his heat with Perry, and said he called Tony Khan a “clown” at All In before quitting. Punk was fired by Khan in the days after the event.

A report then stated that Tony Khan was “very upset” with CM Punk and that was the main reason behind airing footage of the fight between the star and Perry on Dynamite. At the time, Khan claimed he feared for his life as the chaos broke out backstage.

In a new interview with Raj Prashad of Uproxx, Khan was asked if Punk’s comments had anything to do with showing the footage.

“That was interesting timing given where everything stands,”

Khan went on to defend the decision to air the footage.

“It’ll be a must-see segment when the Young Bucks play this footage and talk about what happened at Wembley Stadium and how it relates to what’s coming up next for the Young Bucks in AEW,” Khan said.

“I think that it will create a lot of interest in what this is all about. And I think the Young Bucks will have an explanation for why they think this is important and why it’s relevant to what’s going on at AEW Dynasty on pay-per-view.

“For us, this is a decision based on the timing of our upcoming pay-per-view, AEW Dynasty, and given where the Young Bucks stand going into the World Tag Team Championship Tournament finals at AEW Dynasty.

This was the right time and place for them to play this footage and talk about why it’s relevant to them and AEW going forward and what this means going into AEW Dynasty.”

Tony Khan Claimed Incident “Affected Many People”

Speaking in an earlier interview, Tony Khan said the fight “affected many people” and explained that he’s trying to create interest in AEW by showing the footage.

The AEW boss denied there would be some type of swerve, adding “AEW has a great track record on delivering what we advertise.”