CM Punk Denies Making AEW’s Tony Khan Fear For His Life

Tony Khan (left) and CM Punk (right)

CM Punk has finally responded to Tony Khan’s claim that the former AEW World Champion made Khan fear for his life.

After CM Punk got into a fight with Jack Perry at AEW All In, AEW Owner Tony Khan went on AEW Collision a week later and claimed that CM Punk was fired. Khan also claimed that Punk’s actions made Khan fear for his life. This is what Khan said on the September 2nd episode of AEW Collision about what CM Punk did that day.

“Today I had to make one of the toughest decisions of my professional career, today I terminated Phil Brooks, CM Punk, for cause. This stems from a backstage incident at AEW All In last Sunday. The incident was regrettable and it endangered people backstage.

“That includes the production staff, the people who help put the show on every week. Innocent people who had nothing to do with it.”

“I’ve been going to wrestling shows for over thirty years. I’ve been producing them on this network for nearly four years. Never in all that time have I ever felt, until last Sunday, that my security, my safety, my life was in danger at a wrestling show. I don’t think the people I work with should feel that way and I had to make a very difficult choice today.”

Since Punk was fired by AEW, he has mostly kept quiet. Punk rejoined WWE in November 2023 after nearly a decade away, which shocked a lot of people who thought it was never going to happen.

While speaking to Ariel Helwani on MMA Hour, Punk talked about the incident that was set off when Perry shouted about “real glass” during his match with Hook on the AEW All In pre-show.

Helwani: “So he says that clearly a shot at you, as you said. Matches over, he goes to the back. What happens?”

Punk: “I went to Tony [Khan]. I was like, ‘Please handle that. Like, Please.’ He was like, ‘What do you want me to do?’ I was like, ‘I’m not I’m telling you what to do. Just be the boss, please. I’m tired of this shit. I told you it was a mistake. I told you separate shows wasn’t going to work, and now we’re all here. Please handle it, because if you don’t, You’re not going to like the way I handle it.’”

Helwani: “Did he handle it? No. So you did? Yes. What happened?”

Punk: “Jack came back from his match. I was the next match. I’m sitting there. I got people with me. I’m not going to say who they are because I got a lot of friends who work there, and I wish them all well, and I don’t want them to be punished because they’re friends with me. And I walk up to them and I’m just like, ‘Jack, why do you insist on doing this dumb Internet s**t on TV?’ And he’s just like, ‘Well, if you got a problem about it, do something about it.’ And I was just like, ‘Man, come on, man. I’ll f**king kill you. What are we doing?’”

“I thought I was doing a responsible thing. I didn’t punch anybody. I just choked somebody a little bit. Samoa Joe was there, told me to stop, and then I quit. I turned to Tony and I said, ‘This place is a f**king joke, man. You’re a clown. I quit.’ I went to my room, and then Joe and Jerry Lynn came and got me, and they’re ‘Let’s just go out there and kill it.’ I was just too fired up, and I’m fired up now, and I’m probably going to regret talking about all this s**t, but that’s what happened.”

Punk would go on to say that he did the match because he is friends with Samoa Joe and respected Jerry Lynn, who was their agent for their match that started AEW All In.

CM Punk Responds To Tony Khan Claiming That Khan Was In Fear For His Life

As the discussion continued, CM Punk opened about his former boss Tony Khan claiming Punk scared him.

Helwani: “He [Khan] went on air several days later and said he’s never been afraid for his life like this. Been going to shows for 30 years, felt fearful for his life for the safety of the workers. When you saw this, what is your reaction when you see this? Not only was it a promo on TV, but then he also spoke to the crowd. There was a clip that surface of him talking to the people in your town. I believe it was in Chicago, just outside. When you saw that version of the story being put out, what is your reaction?”

Punk: “I can’t tell you what Tony felt or what he was thinking, but I never did anything that would make him fear for his life. But he’s who he is.”

CM Punk would go on to talk about how his reputation was being tarnished by AEW.

Helwani: “Did you feel like your reputation was being slandered?”

Punk: There’s a concerted effort to, I guess, slander me and try to ruin my character and stuff like that. That’s the genesis of all the drama. Don’t do that. Why are you doing that to a guy who works for your company? Why are you lying? Why are you spreading rumors and lies and bulls**t about your top guy? It doesn’t make any sense. You’re only hurting yourself. I’m trying to dim my… I don’t know. Jealousy, envy, I don’t really know.”

“And again, it’s not really the time to litigate it all and everything, but it’s an unfortunate situation. I have a lot of friends there, and there’s a lot of good people that work there. I hope they continue to get paid, and I wish them well.”

Helwani: “How would you describe what it’s like working for Tony?”

Punk: “Man, it’s a loaded question because I don’t want this to be… I don’t like the drama, but the truth is the truth. He’s not a boss. He’s a nice guy. I think ultimately, that is a detriment to the company. But it’s not my company. I’m an outsider. I thought I was brought in to sell merchandise and tickets and draw numbers for pay-per-views and stuff, and I clearly did that, but that’s not what the place was about, and some people didn’t like that.”

That CM Punk interview with Ariel Helwani lasted over two hours length and covered a lot about his career.