Some Within WWE Critical Of Triple H’s Offer To Will Ospreay

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WWE undervalued Will Ospreay.

Back in November, Will Ospreay agreed a deal to become All Elite. After being presented as AEW’s new signing at Full Gear the Brit finished up his commitments with NJPW before joining the company full-time at Revolution.

As with Mercedes Mone and Kazuchika Okada, WWE held an interest in securing his signature, but it’s been reported that AEW was prepared to offer more money. While a wrestler’s value isn’t set in stone and will fluctuate depending on who’s speaking, it seems that even some within WWE felt the offer made to Ospreay simply wasn’t enough.

Writing in the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Dave Meltzer recalled being told that some considered the offer “way too low.”

It should be noted we were told by WWE in November when Ospreay made the deal with AEW that while nobody would say it publicly, they said Paul Levesque made an offer way too low

The report comes after AEW made Mercedes Mone the highest-paid woman in wrestling.

What Did Will Ospreay Say About WWE’s Offer?

During a recent interview with Chris Jericho, Will Ospreay said the differences in offers from AEW and WWE were “night and day.”

Ospreay admitted AEW offered more money, but there were other factors at play. The Ariel Assassin explained that the schedule was much more appealing as it meant he could spend more time in the UK with his partner and stepson.