Why Kenny Omega Appreciates Triple H’s Booking In WWE

Kenny Omega

Kenny Omega might not know everything that is Triple H’s idea in WWE but he knows what he appreciates about his booking.

Ever since the demise of Vince McMahon in WWE, Triple H has been left in charge of the company’s creative and has won rave reviews from many fans. The Game was, of course, the driving force behind NXT during its most popular spell with fans suggesting that the Chief Content Officer is the right man to be leading the company.

Kenny Omega Likes Triple H Giving Everything A Chance In WWE

Speaking on a Twitch stream, former AEW World Champion Kenny Omega was asked for his thoughts on Triple H’s booking style, and while he doesn’t know every idea that comes from the WWE boss, he does like that different styles are being given a chance to shine:

Everyone seems to know just what he is booking and what he isn’t booking. Even as a wrestler who has kind of like an inside track, I don’t know what his ideas are. I don’t know what’s a result of just what comes from his brain and his brain alone, so I can’t comment to that.

What I do appreciate is that he’s open-minded to all the styles of the world of wrestling. I think I’m sure he probably prefers one over the other or some over others, but I like that he’s giving everything a shot.

Kenny Omega also had his say on Dave Meltzer’s polarising star ratings. After receiving an unprecedented 7 stars for his match with Kazuchika Okada in 2018, Kenny Omega admits Meltzer has “jumped the shark” with his system.

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