Kenny Omega Admits Dave Meltzer’s Star Ratings Have Jumped The Shark

Kenny Omega cuts a promo on AEW Dynamite

Kenny Omega gave his thoughts on the star ratings that Dave Meltzer uses to rate wrestling matches.

When it comes to writing about pro wrestling and rating matches, there may not be a single person more well-known than the Wrestling Observer’s Dave Meltzer. For over 40 years, Meltzer has covered pro wrestling from all around the world. Meltzer is also a polarizing figure who is beloved by some people while others are quick to criticize him.

Regarding his match rating system, Meltzer has talked about how Jim Cornette and a man named Norm Dooley came up with it, but Meltzer is the one most associated with it. Over the last six years, Meltzer has rated over 130 matches at the five-star level or higher. This is a stark contrast to the entire 2000s decade when Meltzer only rated seven matches at the five-star level or above.

A man who has “broken” the five-star rating scale system is AEW’s Kenny Omega, who is known as the Best Bout Machine for a reason. During his NJPW run in the 2010s, Omega had some incredible matches with the likes of Kazuchika Okada that were rated very highly. The highest match Meltzer ever rated was an Omega-Okada match that was given seven stars by Meltzer. After AEW was launched in 2019, Omega continued to have more outstanding matches.

Kenny Omega spoke about Dave Meltzer and the star rating system on a recent Twitch stream while making some interesting comments about the Meltzer rating system.

“He’s jumped the f*cking shark so it doesn’t count for much anymore. He has jumped the motherf*cking shark, and guess who is to blame for that? Me. I’m the guy.”

“I broke the scale, it f*cked up something in his brain where he doesn’t even know what good match is anymore, he’s just like ‘Kenny you opened my mind to this weird f*cking world of wrestling that I never saw before in my life’ and I think he just doesn’t understand it anymore, he cant comprehend what’s going on.”

“I opened pandoras box and it’s just running rampant now, that’s all it is.”

Dave Meltzer Reacts To Kenny Omega’s Comments

As for Dave Meltzer’s take on what Kenny Omega said, the Wrestling Observer journalist claimed it’s just part of a feud.

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