Why Brian Kendrick Returned To WWE At Survivor Series Revealed

Brian Kendrick

Former WWE star Brian Kendrick returned to the company at Survivor Series in a backstage role and it has now emerged who was behind his comeback.

Brian Kendrick previously competed in WWE in several different spells that saw him win the WWE Tag Team Championship as well as the Cruiserweight Title. His last match in WWE came in October 2020 and he then transitioned to a backstage role which came to an end when he was released from his contract in February 2022.

One day after his WWE release, Brian Kendrick was meant to make his AEW debut with a match against Jon Moxley but he was pulled from the show after videos from years before re-surfaced in which Kendrick asserted his belief in controversial and widely-discredited conspiracy theories, with one relating to the Holocaust.

Brian Kendrick was back in WWE at Survivor Series working backstage as a producer alongside Jason Jordan for Ronda Rousey’s SmackDown Women’s Title defence against Shotzi.

Speaking on Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer noted who was behind Kendrick’s role at the show:

“What happened was, Brian Kendrick was Ronda Rousey’s original wrestling trainer, and she suggested, she asked, for him to be brought in for her match with Shotzi. So he was in on Saturday, and it was not a hire.”

“You could say it was a tryout, I wouldn’t say it wasn’t a tryout, but it really wasn’t like a normal tryout. It was more Ronda Rousey asked for him to help her.”

“Jason Jordan also produced it, but she asked for Brian to be brought in, so they brought him in.”

Ronda Rousey won the match continuing her reign as SmackDown Women’s Champion at Survivor Series. It remains to be seen if Brian Kendrick will be returning to WWE on a more permanent basis in the future.

In a recent interview, Kendrick revealed why he was not a bigger star in WWE.

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