Ex-WWE Star Says “Attitude” Cost Them Their WWE Career

WWE Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick knows why he was not a bigger star in WWE.

The former Cruiserweight Champion was a prominent feature on SmackDown in the mid-2000s, which included a lengthy run as Tag Team Champion alongside Paul London.

Championship pursuits would continue in 2008 when Kendrick entered a Championship Scramble match at the Unforgiven pay-per-view. Obtaining a pinfall in the match, Kendrick was technically WWE Champion for a few minutes while the match continued.

With it appearing that bigger things may be on the horizon for Kendrick, it was not to be. Some suspected that the 5 ft 7 Superstar was the victim of the time period where bigger was better. However, according to the former Tag Team Champion himself, this was not the case.

Speaking with the In The Room podcast, Kendrick admitted that his behaviour was the root of the problems:

“The deciding factor was my attitude, my lack of hard work, opportunities that I screwed up. I mean, they don’t know what it is they’re looking for until they get it, whether it comes in the form of The Rock or John Cena or Stone Cold or Hulk Hogan or Kofi Kingston. They don’t know what form it’s going to come in.”

Kendrick continued, stating that he has since learned from his mistakes:

“Well, just been more grateful. You know, this is certainly my time prior to the cruiserweight run when I was late 20s, early 30s before being let go. Years ago I acted really foolish and hopefully matured since then. It’s not the reason I didn’t become a superstar. It has nothing to do with my height. It has to do with my lack of having what it takes.”

What Is Former WWE Star Brian Kendrick Doing Now?

Following a return to the company in 2016 to compete in the Cruiserweight Classic, Kendrick has been involved as a WWE producer for multiple high-profile matches. At the request of Ronda Rousey, Kendrick was the producer for Rousey’s match at Survivor Series 2022. Making another sporadic return in 2023, the former Cruiserweight Champion produced the Backlash Street Fight between Damian Priest and Bad Bunny.

H/t to Wrestling Inc.