Brian Kendrick Looks Back On Unofficial WWE Title Win

Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick’s reign as WWE Champion may not officially be recognized, but he looks back with fondness at the match.

At Unforgiven 2008, Brian Kendrick was involved in a Championship Scramble match which also included Triple H, Jeff Hardy, MVP and Shelton Benjamin. The rules of the match meant that there was a 20-minute time limit, and whoever held the title at the end of the match was declared the champion.

In the early going of the match, Kendrick was able to get a fall on Jeff Hardy which gave him a short reign with the belt. He would go on to be pinned by Triple H, with the title flip-flopping between him and Jeff Hardy until the final bell, where ‘The Game’ came out as the winner.

Joining Captain’s Corner for a virtual signing, Brian Kendrick has looked back on the match and whilst it isn’t necessarily his favorite, it’s certainly one he enjoyed.

It was a great moment for me, a real high point. It was cool, it was thrilling, the match itself felt like a lot of fun. I might’ve watched it back twice, but that would be at the most. I might’ve watched it back once whereas the match with Rich Swann, where I lost the 205 Live belt — which was more recent — I’ve watched it back more. It was a great moment, but it wasn’t necessarily my favorite match.

The title reigns which took place during the matches at Unforgiven are not officially part of the record books, apart from who came out of the match with the title, therefore Kendrick’s reign may last in people’s memory but on any official listings.

Brian Kendrick recently discussed how his attitude at times during his career “led to downfalls”.

With thanks to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.