Brian Kendrick Says His Attitude Has “Led To Downfalls”

Brian Kendrick

Brian Kendrick has admitted that, whilst he wouldn’t necessarily change his path, there are several circumstances which led to downfalls for him.

At this past weekend’s Survivor Series, Brian Kendrick returned to WWE, acting as a producer for Ronda Rousey’s SmackDown Women’s Championship match against Shotzi. Although it has been reported that this wasn’t a full-time hire or even necessarily a tryout, it has brought his name back in to the public eye.

However, many would feel that Kendrick should have achieved more during his in-ring career, and in a discussion with Icons Of Sports Entertainment he revealed what advice he would give now which could have changed the course of his career.

I wouldn’t give the advice to me because I don’t want to change my life. I’d be happy to help kids learn from my mistakes. I don’t wish I was in AJ Styles’ shoes because this is the path that I’m supposed to be on, but what AJ has done right, what all these guys have done right, where I have failed, what I would tell them is, you can’t allow yourself any excuses.

You have to put in the work. What I would tell young me is that, for me, my attitude, hubris, all of that have led to downfalls over and over again. I’ve had to pick myself up and start over several times in pro wrestling. Sometimes, it’s because of a lack of humility.

As many predicted going in to the event, Ronda Rousey was successful in her title defence at Survivor Series. The only other championship match at the event saw Austin Theory pick up the United States Championship in a triple-threat match with former belt holder Seth Rollins and ‘The All Mighty’ Bobby Lashley.

With thanks to Fightful for the transcription.