Who Was Really Behind New WWE World Heavyweight Championship?

Triple H Reveals WWE World Heavyweight Championship

A new report has shed light on who in WWE was behind the decision to introduce the new World Heavyweight Championship and the answer might surprise some fans.

On Raw in Chicago, Triple H appeared on-screen once again to introduce fans to the company’s newest championship, the WWE World Heavyweight Title. Following the upcoming draft, whichever brand does not have Roman Reigns will instead have a new champion, with the inaugural title holder being crowned at Night Of Champions in Saudi Arabia on May 27th.

Raw also hit the headlines after it emerged that Vince McMahon was back making major changes to the show despite not being in Chicago for it. Multiple segments were altered after McMahon’s input which follows up suggestions from after WrestleMania that the Executive Chairman is “firmly back in charge” of the company’s creative direction.

Justin Barrasso of Sports Illustrated has reported that despite McMahon’s ever-growing reach, it was in fact Triple H who decided to introduce a new world title into the promotion. It is noted that the CCO prefers having another world champion – who will likely represent Raw with Roman Reigns remaining on SmackDown – rather than elevating the likes of Gunther who has held the Intercontinental Championship for almost 300 days.

The report also makes comment on the timing of the new champion being crowned. It is noted that it was “no accident” that the champion will be crowned in Saudi Arabia in a move that is said to have been done to “please business partners” in the Kingdom.