Update On Reaction To Vince McMahon’s WWE Influence

Vince McMahon with moustache

With Vince McMahon firmly back at the helm of WWE, there has been an update on how the reaction has been to his return.

In July 2022, Vince McMahon shockingly announced his retirement from WWE. With a number of investigations underway against him including for sexual harassment, it seemed like his time in the wrestling industry was done.

However, it was just as surprising a turn when he came back to the company, and is now seemingly overseeing all shows since the buyout was completed.

Now, a new report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter has outlined the current mood backstage to how much control he now has. It notes that whilst some were worried when he came back, there has now been a feeling of acceptance for the situation.

Much of the top brass including Vince McMahon was at the show. McMahon didn’t run the show itself, as Paul Levesque was doing that, but he did make changes in the show, mostly changing around the order of some of the matches and segments. At first there was a lot of talent scared and not happy about McMahon’s involvement but the reality is everyone accepts that he’s now the ultimate decider and when the merger takes place, Ari Emanuel basically put it in place that it will remain as long as McMahon wants it to because he will be the person in charge of WWE and the final decision maker.

The deal in the merger is that, as Emanuel said, if they have a disagreement on something related to WWE, it won’t happen unless Vince agrees to it, and Emanuel isn’t going to get involved in the company itself from a creative side. He’s there for outside business expansion, TV, media and other deals.

It has also been reported that Vince McMahon heavily rewrote the most recent edition of Monday Night Raw. In what is seemingly a busy week, he was also namedropped on this week’s AEW Dynamite.