Vince McMahon “Re-Worked” Monday Night Raw

Vince McMahon WWE

Vince McMahon has not been far away from headlines since forcing his way back into WWE in early 2023 and at Raw on Monday night there were more signs as to who’s really steering the ship.

McMahon was backstage at Monday Night Raw for the first time since the Raw after WrestleMania which took place on the same day that the takeover of WWE by Endeavor was announced. McMahon was said to be “firmly back in charge” of creative back then and ever since the Executive Chairman has not been shy about making changes to shows remotely.

PWInsider reported that although Vince McMahon was at Raw in Hartford, CT he did not run the show from the Gorilla position. However, McMahon was said to have “re-worked” the show and changed the order of both matches and segments. It was noted, however, that the changes were not stressful for those working the show.

There was said to be a stark difference in how Vince McMahon was received by talents at the show with any anger or resentment said to be dampened down. One talent noted that “the band-aid has already been ripped off” in regard to McMahon’s influence and everyone is said to know that it is McMahon ultimately calling the shots.