Update On Drew McIntyre’s Contract, WWE Could Add Time Due To Injury

Drew McIntyre WWE Money in the Bank

A new report reveals how much time WWE could add to Drew McIntyre’s contract if he doesn’t sign a new deal.

At Money in the Bank on July 1st, Drew McIntyre returned to WWE for the first time since WrestleMania. Leading up to the event, reports emerged that his presence at the show was anything but certain as there was “no buzz” internally about him making a return on UK soil.

However, after Gunther successfully defeated Matt Riddle to retain the Intercontinental Championship, the sounds of McIntyre’s theme rang out throughout the O2 Arena to a huge ovation from the London crowd. Drew McIntyre and Gunther came face to face, and appear to be setting up a SummerSlam match for the championship McIntyre failed to capture at WrestleMania.

During McIntye’s hiatus from WWE television, reports swirled that he had yet to sign a new contract with the company, and that his deal is expected to expire before the end of 2023. There were also reports that the star was unhappy with the creative direction for his character, and that creative decision and money were the biggest factors in deciding whether or not to re-sign.

Following the PLE, Triple H spoke at a press conference and confirmed that Drew McIntyre had been dealing with an injury during his time away. He dismissed rumors of creative disputes, saying that any issues McIntyre had with the company would be news to him. Multiple reports indicate that McIntyre has yet to sign a new deal with the company, and speaking on the latest edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer confirmed those reports. He also mentioned that WWE could feasibly extend McIntyre’s contract after he took time away due to injury.

“So he’s not signed a new contract. No, but that doesn’t mean he won’t. No, it doesn’t mean you won’t, you know, I mean, his contract’s got months to ago, but, yeah, I mean, if he, you know, so, but I mean, the, the thing was is it’s like the way Michael Cole and, and Paul Levesque talked about it, it was like, oh yeah. And they’re in like, he hasn’t signed the offer. There is something to it, you know?

“But, you know, as far as like what’s gonna happen, I mean, we’ll have to wait and see. With the time that he has off, I think that they could legally extend him through WrestleMania probably, if not pretty damn close. So, I mean, it’s a long ways off, but he has not signed a new deal. It’s obvious he is wrestling GUNTHER at SummerSlam.”

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